Week 6 Results / Week 7 Bracket

The penultimate week of Standard Super League action will have the following bracket:


You can watch week 6 here, or if you just want to see the results and read a little bit about the implications then scroll down.





{Spoiler Space}








Brad’s win means he has put some distance between himself and the dreaded last place (which comes with relegation out of the next season of SSL). It also puts him in a position where he can make the playoffs with good showings in the final two weeks. Standings are here, but I’ll also put a graphic into this post so you can see them while reading about the home stretch:


Owen has long-since clinched a playoff spot, and he is right on the verge of clinching the #1 seed and the associated bye straight into the finals. The only way he misses out on that bye is if one of Gerry or Paul wins each of the next two weeks while Owen also loses in the first round both weeks (and if it’s Paul then Owen would still get a chance to win a tiebreaker match).

As far as the other two seats in the playoffs go, everyone is still mathematically alive for them, even Brian (who could finish at 80 points by winning each of the last two weeks).

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