SLC Playoff Scenarios


Group A:

Lee has clinched advancement at 2-0 (4-0), though Chris can still win the group by beating Lee next week.

Josh needs to win and have Chris lose.

Paul needs to win and have Chris lose 0-2.

(Chris can back in with a loss as long as it’s a 1-2 loss and Paul beats Josh)

Group B:

Paul has clinched advancement at 2-0 since all Randy can do is tie him and send it to Pro Points, which Paul wins.

Paul clinches the group with a single game win over Efro,

Efro clinches playoffs with a win, and the group win with a 2-0 win.

Randy needs to win and have Efro lose.

Cedric can advance through a 3-way tie at 1-2 if he beats Randy and Cheon beats Efro, but only if at least one of the matches is 2-0. (If they’re both 1-2 then Efro backs in on the pro points tiebreaker).

Group C:

Gaby advances with a single game win, or a single game loss by Shaun.

The winner of Patrick v Gaby wins the group.

Patrick can back into the playoffs with a loss if Kenji beats Shaun.

Shaun needs to win and have Patrick lose, or win 2-0 and have Gaby lose 0-2.

Kenji has been eliminated (but claims 3rd with a 2-0 win over Shaun)