Tribal Wars Format

Here are the precise details for the Tribal Wars format being used on Community Super League:

  1. 1/3 of each deck must be creature cards that share a type.
  2. 10 of your creature cards must be legal in Standard.
  3. The Legacy banned list is in effect.
  4. In addition, the following cards are banned: Umezawa’s Jitte, Glimpse of Nature, anything that hoses an entire tribe (like Engineered Plague), and anythign else that appears here:

In addition, Eldrazi were “soft banned.” In order words, we told folks not to play them unless they had a super-sweet take on them and could convince Athena that it wouldn’t be lame.

Of course, with this crew we needn’t have worried. When asked to draft tribes, most players elected for style over power and what we’ve actually wound up with is some sort of Island of Misfit Tribes, which should make for a great show!

Kenji Egashira – Scarecrow

The Girlfriend Bracket – Horror

Loading Ready Run – Constructs

Aaron Forsythe – Werewolves

TMS Wedge – Nightmares

The Professor – Merfolk

Marshall Sutcliffe – Elk

Magic The Amateuring – Hounds

Gaby Spartz – Scouts

Paul Cheon – Druids

We did make a couple of rulings that you may be interested in:

a) Nameless Inversion et al do not count toward the 1/3 of of your deck that must share a creature type. Only creature cards count.

b) Creature types on the back side of a double-faced card *do* count. (This is actually the only way Nightmares can get to 10 Standard-legal cards.)

c) The 10 cards from Standard means 10 total cards, not 10 different cards. (And we expressed a willingness to bend the rules to allow tribes with two Standard-legal cards to play 5 copies each, though no one took us up on it. Sorry Fungus fans.)

d) Marshall had his heart set on an Elk deck, and we didn’t exactly have power-level concerns about them, so for Elk (and only Elk) we decided the rule would be 10 cards from Standard with *pictures* of Elk on them.

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