Brewer’s Challenge Draft Results

After a round of nominations via Twitter, and then a vote to whittle the list down to 14, the players drafted the cards that they will be building around for this week’s show (in reverse standings order). Here are the results of the draft:

  1. The Girlfriend Bracket – Gitrog Monster
  2. Aaron Forsythe – The Great Aurora
  3. Marshall Sutcliffe – Hedron Alignment
  4. Magic the Amateuring – Alhammarret’s Archive
  5. Kenji Egashira – Tamiyo’s Journal
  6. LoadingReadyRun – Brain in a Jar
  7. Paul Cheon – Zada, Hedron Grinder
  8. The Professor – Startled Awake
  9. TMS Wedge – Clone Legion
  10. Gaby Spartz – Assault Formation

(Not drafted: Day’s Undoing, Harness the Storm, Sarkhan Unbroken, Felidar Sovereign)


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