Ironroot Chef Rules

There are 5 ingredients, and two copies of each are available for the players to draft from (in reverse order of Brewmaster Standings). Players will build Modern-legal decks that contain four copies of their key ingredient.

Watch the ingredients get revealed HERE!

In addition to their regularly scheduled match of Magic each player is also engaged in a Flavor Match against whoever picked the same ingredient they did. The audience will be voting on who did it better. (So you can get two wins this week … or two losses, or probably just go 1-1 and shrug.) As far as Brewmaster points go, The Wizard will be giving those out this week, and we’ve given him permission to go above 10 points if he thinks it is warranted.

Decks will be scored on creativity, boldness, and adherence to the theme of the ingredient. Players were reminded that flavor comes from creating a story theme from ALL parts of the card – name, art, rules, and flavor text.

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