CSL Playoff Scenarios

This week is the last show of the regular season, and Pauper will be our final format.

The Top 3 players make the playoffs, where it will first be the #2 seed versus the #3 seed in a best 2 out of 3 formats match. Then the winner of that match will play the #1 seed in the same best 2 out of 3 formats. Both playoff matches will take place on next week’s show, which is our final show of the season.

You can click on the links above to see the full standing, but here’s a run-down of all the relevant details:

Kenji (7-2) – He has clinched a playoff spot, and the only way he will miss out on the #1 seed and the bye into the finals is if he loses, Gaby wins, *and* Gaby gets 1st place in Brewmaster points this week while Kenji gets 8th or worse.

Gaby (6-3) – She’s in with a win, and could potentially still back into the playoffs with a loss if she wins the Brewmaster points tiebreaker against whoever she winds up tied with.

Paul (6-3) – Very similar to Gaby in that he’s in with a win, and could potentially still make it in with a loss depending on who he winds up tied with, and how the week 9 Brewmaster vote shakes out.

LoadingReadyRun (5-4) – At first it sounds like a tough scenario: They must win, and then they need either Paul or Gaby to lose, and then they need to win a Brewmaster point tiebreaker. However, they actually control their own destiny because 1) They are paired against Gaby, so it if they win then Gaby will have lost and 2) They’re currently winning the Brewmaster standings, and are far enough ahead of Gaby that she can’t possibly catch them. So it’s pretty simple: if they win, they’re in. If they lose, they’re out.

Aaron (5-4) – He must win, and then he needs Paul to lose to Wedge, and then it will come down to Brewmaster points where it’s currently Aaron – 25, Paul – 24. (In this scenario he could still miss if Gaby loses to LRR but finishes ahead of Aaron on Brewmaster points for the week.)

Prof (5-4) – He can win his way into a tie for 3rd if either Gaby or Paul lose, but there’s no scenario where he wins that tie on Brewmaster points, so he is already eliminated from playoff contention.

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