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Standard Super League is a competition between Magic celebrities with matches played on Magic Online. Season 2 featured 12 competitors playing in 3 groups of 4 with the top 2 from each group advancing to a single-elimination playoff.



Matches are streamed live on every Tuesday at 6pm pacific time. Replays can be viewed on YouTube.

Standard Super League was created by Randy Buehler in conjunction with Josh Monks and Steven Birklid. It is hosted by Randy Bueher. If you enjoy SSL then you might want to check out our original show: Vintage Super League.

For more information about Magic Online, please check out


Congratulations to Owen Turternwald! He defeated Josh Utter-Leyton in the finals to claim the Season 1 crown.

Here are the final regular season standings:

Name Points
Owen Turtenwald 155
Tom Ross 95
Josh Utter-Leyton 80
Paul Cheon 75
Brad Nelson 75
Gerry Thompson 70
Andrew Cuneo 30
Brian Kibler 20

10 points per match win, 5 point bonus for winning a week. Top 3 advance to the playoffs after 8 weeks.


Final Results:


Final Regular Season Standings:SSL_S2_Wk4_TiebreakerStandings

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