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Week 6 Brewmaster Results

The voting period has ended and the people say LoadingReadyRun broke it best! Their Storm deck included 6 different banned cards, and went off successfully multiple times on stream. Kenji took second with his Elves!, and used those points to move into first overall in the full season standings. Meanwhile at the bottom of the standings, the two Hypergenesis decks got just as many points as wins, and Wedge’s decision to use his deck name to make fun of the lack of originality in his deck did not work out (or did it?).

LRR – A+

Kenji – A

MTA – A-

Aaron – A-


Paul – A-

Prof – B+

Marshall – B+

Gaby – B

Wedge – B-

Ironroot Chef Rules

There are 5 ingredients, and two copies of each are available for the players to draft from (in reverse order of Brewmaster Standings). Players will build Modern-legal decks that contain four copies of their key ingredient.

Watch the ingredients get revealed HERE!

In addition to their regularly scheduled match of Magic each player is also engaged in a Flavor Match against whoever picked the same ingredient they did. The audience will be voting on who did it better. (So you can get two wins this week … or two losses, or probably just go 1-1 and shrug.) As far as Brewmaster points go, The Wizard will be giving those out this week, and we’ve given him permission to go above 10 points if he thinks it is warranted.

Decks will be scored on creativity, boldness, and adherence to the theme of the ingredient. Players were reminded that flavor comes from creating a story theme from ALL parts of the card – name, art, rules, and flavor text.

Brewmaster Results – Week 4

The fans have spoken and Kenji’s “Dear Diary” deck, built around Tamiyo’s Journal, was the big winner. His combination of sweet synergy, enough power to win his match, and a heaping helping of showmanship (declining to attack with Tireless Tracker in order to “go off” and win with Ghirapur Aether Grid and clues) was rewarded with a lot of A+ votes.

Marshall’s valiant attempt at making Hedron Alignment work took second place points, which was enough to keep him in first place in the overall season standings.

Paul’s edge over Aaron was tiny – we had to go to the 3rd decimal point of weighted grades to sort out 3rd place, but it did go to Paul and you’d have to think his sideboard tech of including everyone’s card from the opening credits, plus his decision to kill the Professor with Prof’s own card (Malevolent Whispers) probably made the difference.

It was a great week overall, with a lot of creative decks, and this was by far the highest set of grades so far this season. You can see all this week’s decklists here.

Kenji Dear Diary A+
Marshall Hedron James – Da Real MVP A
Paul Life on the Grind A
Aaron Devil Went Down to Lorwyn A
LRR Izzet Brains A-
MTA Stop! Alhammarret Time! A-
Gaby … And I Cannot Lie A-
TGFB Mad As A Box of Frogs B
Prof Taking a Test … In Your Underwear B

Brewer’s Challenge Draft Results

After a round of nominations via Twitter, and then a vote to whittle the list down to 14, the players drafted the cards that they will be building around for this week’s show (in reverse standings order). Here are the results of the draft:

  1. The Girlfriend Bracket – Gitrog Monster
  2. Aaron Forsythe – The Great Aurora
  3. Marshall Sutcliffe – Hedron Alignment
  4. Magic the Amateuring – Alhammarret’s Archive
  5. Kenji Egashira – Tamiyo’s Journal
  6. LoadingReadyRun – Brain in a Jar
  7. Paul Cheon – Zada, Hedron Grinder
  8. The Professor – Startled Awake
  9. TMS Wedge – Clone Legion
  10. Gaby Spartz – Assault Formation

(Not drafted: Day’s Undoing, Harness the Storm, Sarkhan Unbroken, Felidar Sovereign)