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Playoff Results:


Week 3 Standings:


12 players qualified for the Super League Championship through assorted Super Leagues during the back half of 2015:


The Group Stage of the SLC consists of a round robin within each group of 4 players.


The top 2 from each group advance to a single-elimination playoff, with the two best group winners receiving byes. The following prizes will be awarded based on the results of that playoff bracket:

1st place – 4 copies of every foil in Standard (aka KTK, FRF, DTK, ORI, and BFZ)

2nd place – 2 copies of every regular card in Standard

3rd / 4th place – 1 copy of every card in Standard

5th / 6th place – Set of Battle for Zendikar

The following tiebreakers apply both to determining the top 2 in a group and also which group winners receive byes:



One deck is used for all 3 weeks of the group stage. A new deck may be submitted for the playoffs.

All matches will use 40 minute clocks for each player and (barring 10+ minute delays due to stream issues) losing on time just counts as losing.


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